Thursday, October 13, 2011

Clients and Courage

There is nothing quite like the moments in your career when something happens and you think, "Wow! THIS is why I do this."  As a therapist, we are making a commitment to be walk with people through their toughest times.  To be very good and effective at our job, we essentially live and relive traumas, suffering, and pain as we explore issues with our clients.  It can make for long, tiring days.  However, when a client arrives at a conclusion about their life that they have been struggling to figure out for several weeks, months, or is a gift to be sitting with them.  It is their gift to then move forward, let go, let live, and embrace.

Opening your hands sometimes and letting go (of pain, struggle, what ifs, shoulds, etc.) can be very difficult.  Each and everyone of the people that I work with exudes a certain degree of courage!  I admire that greatly!

Alfred Adler encouraged individuals to have the courage to be imperfect.  Find comfort in living your imperfect world!  Letting go of the need to be one way or another allows for creativity and enlightenment.

Is there anything holding you back from something?  What do you admire about the people you work with?  I admire the courage.

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